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A new generation job posting platform. Our goal is to provide a platform for our users to find talented young people of Generation Y and Z at the outset of their careers and companies offering internships and fresh graduate opportunities in this target group.

Our Mission

We all started as a student, so we have experienced on our own skin that it is really difficult to find one of the many opportunities for college and college that really starts your career. At the same time, we are finding it difficult for our partners, companies of different profiles, to find the right candidates for the opportunities they offer, in the absence of a truly searchable tool. As a result, Zyntern was created in 2016 by a team of young HR, Marketing and Employer brand building professionals. We believe that Zyntern can provide a quick and effective solution to this problem, helping young generation Y and Z job seekers to find each other based on their common preferences, academic background, professional experience, skills and interests. If you need any help, tips or advice for us, please contact us at any of our contacts. Good Syndication, The Founders

How does Zyntern help companies and students?

Zyntern supports talented HR and job-seeking students in a user-friendly way.

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The right platform for companies to build employer branding and find new workforce:

  • Direct access to students and graduates
  • Employer branding with a youthful and demanding profile
  • Fast and free job posting
  • Instant contact, quick and easy feedback for applicants

A career kickstarter platform for students and graduates:

  • Lightweight and smartphone compatible job search option
  • Fast registration and profile creator interface that can be exported as a cool Cv with one-click
  • Instant notifications about new matching jobs
  • Quick application and guaranteed feedback
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They told us about us

Tamara Kovács

Employer Branding Specialist, Continental

With Zyntern I can work with a very young, flexible and agile team, who knows the new generation inside-out, what is important to them, what are the trends, how to reach and talk to them.

Gréta Harmati

Employer Branding Lead, Unilever

At Unilever we love Zyntern, because it's user friendly both for job seekers and companies. It's quick, simple, and easy to use. We can reach out to many young talents through the platform, and we found several of our colleagues on it. People behind Zyntern react to our needs quickly, and they also know the new generation. It may become the career platform of the XXI century.

Fruzsina Fürstall

Recruitment Manager, Prezi

Zyntern is the most useful platform I met so far for recruiting recent graduates and interns. It attracts the student job seekers, as it's really customized for their needs. We always receive many relevant applicants for our jobs and also have hired many of the candidates through Zyntern. The team is very helpful, they even built our suggestions into the product.

What else do we do?

Effot Zyntern Career Zone

A really cool way of recruiting, a job fair right in the middle of a summer festival, reaching thousands of people in only some days. more info

Office Spotting

Office Spotting is an upside down job fair, the applicants go straight to the offices of the participating companies, where they prepare with a presentation, workshop, programs or even a party. Show your culture and office to them! more info

Rapid Randi

At our Rapid Randi format the limited number of pre screened job seeker can meet with similar amount of companies for a short introduction, which allows companies to meet great potential new hires in a very short time. more info